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Menopause Support


With 90% of women experiencing menopausal symptoms, I feel it's important that there is appropriate support available.


While it is common for people to discuss the physical symptoms of menopause, there is less conversation about the effect it can have on women's mental well-being.


I believe that it is important to support women through the transition by providing an empathic space to explore the changes that they are experiencing and work towards to a position where they can continue to thrive going forward.


I have recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Therapy Natters with Richard Nicholls and Fiona Biddle where we discussed some of the aspects of menopause and mental health.


To hear our conversation, please follow the link below:


Therapy Natters




Understanding Menopause


Diane Danzebrink at Menopause Support has created an excellent booklet called Understanding Menopause.


The link is below for a free PDF


Understanding Menopause






If you would like to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me


Where to find us:

Danielle Lyons works from Woodford Green, on the borders of East London and Essex.


To contact me, please use the contact form.

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